Car park charges at Okehampton station

Okehampton station

After an introductory phase of free use, the Pay & Display equipment for the car park at Okehampton station has now become active as of 21 April 2022.

The car park is equipped with ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) equipment. This requires users to purchase a valid parking ticket for the duration of their stay.

Parking at the station car park costs just £2 for the full day. Combined with a return train ticket to Exeter (£8), a user can enjoy a day out in Exeter for just £10.

Users staying longer can pay for each day that their car will be parked at the station in one go. For example, a car needing to be parked from 10:00 Monday to 18:00 Friday will cost £10 (£2 a day).

The car park is managed by APCOA who also offer a remote pay service called APCOA Connect. This allows you to pay by phone, SMS text or online. A displayed ticket is not required when using this service. The company also offers AutoPay and Late Pay functions. For more details visit

For regular users, season tickets for periods covering one month, three months or a year are also available to purchase from the APCOA website.