49th anniversary of last regular train from Okehampton

Last train from Okehampton in 1972
The last regular passenger train in 1972 Picture: Bernard Mills

1972: It was the year the Watergate Scandal broke, Emmerdale Farm first appeared on our TV screens, Mary Peters won pentathlon gold at the Munich Olympics – and the last regular passenger train left Okehampton.

On 3 June 49 years ago, guests and enthusiasts gathered at Okehampton station to wave off its final train service – a moment caught on camera by long-serving rail employee Bernard Mills.

With the Dartmoor Line set to reopen in 2021, we would love to hear the stories of the people who were there on this day and invite them to an open day by the end of the year.

If you were in this photograph, or were there on the day, the Dartmoor Line project team would love to hear your story. Please write to memories@dartmoorline.com

Bernard Mills said:

“Looking back on that day, it’s tinged with some sadness really. Okehampton wasn’t one of those stations mentioned for closure in the Beeching Report, but once they started taking away all the other stations it was inevitable. It was very much the climate of the day.

“Now I can’t wait for the line to reopen and I’m pleased this photograph has stirred so much interest. I think I’ll be one of the few who rode on that last train 49 years ago to have the privilege of being on the train when the line reopens.”