…And in with the new

…And in with the new

22 April 2021
This amazing bit of kit is the track laying machine – watch the video all the way through to see it in action. It’s a kind of wheeled “factory”. Here’s how it works: The sleepers are pushed from behind on wagons behind the train. More “…And in with the new”
Out with the old…

Out with the old…

21 April 2021
A big part of getting the Dartmoor Line ready for regular passenger services is renewing old sections of track. A cropper machine is used on longer sections of track where the track is being scrapped. The machine is quicker than burning or cutting sections of track. More “Out with the old…”
New track on North Tawton bridge

New track on North Tawton bridge

13 April 2021
Work to get the Dartmoor Line in shape for reopening is proceeding apace. These photos show work from the weekend on North Tawton Bridge where 45 metres of new track has been installed, with 65 new concrete sleepers, new rail and 200mm of fresh ballast.

Staying safe at level crossings

07 April 2021
Posters have been put up at level crossings to remind people that even though passenger trains won’t start until later in the year there are already engineering trains and machines travelling over crossings as part of work to get the line ready to reopen.So More “Staying safe at level crossings”
Network Rail tree planting

Working together to plant trees near the Dartmoor Line

06 April 2021
Network Rail wants to fund new native trees and hedgerows next to the Dartmoor Line to create new wildlife habitats. If you own land next to the railway – or linked to it by woods or hedges – then read on to find out more.The More “Working together to plant trees near the Dartmoor Line”
Track laid between Coleford Junction and Okehampton

First track laid

31 March 2021
A great milestone for the project – the first 430 metres of track has been laid between Coleford Junction towards Okehampton. Welding and stressing are taking place today!
Site compound under construction

Site compound at Exeter Road Industrial Estate

30 March 2021
A site compound is being set up at Exeter Road Industrial Estate. The compound will be for site managers, supervisors and tech teams as well as visitors and the project team to use as a base. The main compound will also be the main hub for meeting and keeping traffic away from country lanes. More “Site compound at Exeter Road Industrial Estate”

Drainage work

26 March 2021
Now that the project to reopen the line has received the official green light, one of the first jobs has been to continue improving drainage along the line. Getting the drainage system flowing correctly is paramount to ensure flooding does not stop trains from running. More “Drainage work”
Okehampton Castle – a bird’s eye view

Okehampton Castle – a bird’s eye view

24 March 2021
The eagle-eyed may have noticed that in our launch video there’s a lovely drone shot showing Okehampton Castle from the skies at dawn. Here is the full 30-second shot in all its glory. It’s by Adam Burton, one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers, who is based just outside Okehampton.The More “Okehampton Castle – a bird’s eye view”

Media coverage

22 March 2021
It was fantastic to see the reopening of the Dartmoor Line splashed across national, regional and local media following Friday’s big announcement. BBC Breakfast filmed live from Okehampton station (watch a clip with Dartmoor National Park’s Rebecca Martin) and interviewed rail partners and local volunteers alike. More “Media coverage”