Concrete sleepers on site near Okehampton station

The great wall of sleepers

16 March 2021
As this fantastic photo from Network Rail shows, a huge number of concrete railway sleepers have already been delivered on site ready to begin work. But there’s more to come. What you see here represents only half of the 24,000 new sleepers required to allow trains to run safely later this year. More “The great wall of sleepers”
Railvac machine

Introducing the Railvac

15 March 2021
One of the many pieces of kit being used by Network Rail to get the Dartmoor Line up to scratch is the Railvac machine.It is primarily used to suck up old ballast, but has also been used to clear line side drainage and cess from ditches.Digging More “Introducing the Railvac”
PLPR train

X-ray vision courtesy of the PLPR train

12 March 2021
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the super-powered Plain Line Pattern Recognition (PLPR) train, which ran on the Dartmoor Line in January 2021.The PLPR train scans every clip, sleeper and component for defects, basically like an X-ray. More “X-ray vision courtesy of the PLPR train”
Machinery and staff on site

Restoring the Dartmoor Line infrastructure

11 March 2021
Over the past 6 months, Network Rail has been carrying out detailed investigations to understand what infrastructure and signalling improvements are required to bring the Dartmoor Line up to modern standards to enable GWR passenger trains to operate safely.This has involved assessments of the railway line, structures such as bridges, level crossings and drainage. More “Restoring the Dartmoor Line infrastructure”
Meeting with Rail Minister at London Paddington

The story so far: the campaign for reopening

10 March 2021
Local people have long campaigned for the return of regular year round services between Okehampton and Exeter.The campaign took a key step forward with the forming of the OkeRail Forum in 2014. An initiative of the County Council, this brought campaigners, council representatives and a range of other interested parties together with the aim of mounting a concerted, targeted effort to achieve reopening.Forum More “The story so far: the campaign for reopening”